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Top Signs of a Cheating Husband

Is your husband cheating on you? Well there are sure fire signs, that men give away when they're cheating. Here's a really good article from Gabrielle, revealing the top signs of a cheating husband, find out for sure, then decide if you want to save your marriage.

Cheating is one of the favorite subjects these days for tabloid news writers. Any celebrity or politician who has an affair is going to find his or her face plastered all over the front page. It tells you one thing--cheating and scandal sell newspapers. Why? Perhaps because we have experienced it ourselves or know someone who has gone through the heartbreak of cheating.

If you are reading this article, you may suspect your husband of cheating but cannot decide whether to confront him. Perhaps you just need more information on the signs of a cheating husband so that you know what to do. Here is a brief outline of the most common signs and how some of them work together to tell the tale.

Early Signs

Because he is worried about you suspecting anything, your husband may lavish more attention on you than normal. While this is not a sign of a cheating husband by itself, it works with other signs to give you a full picture.

Has he changed his hair style or manner of dress? If so, he may be trying what a lot of companies do to enhance their products--they change the box to suit the tastes of their customers. Again, by itself this is not much of a sign, but with increased attention and some of the other signs, you may want to keep an eye out for the other woman.

As the outside relationship blossoms, the signals change. He may give you less attention than ever; he may be getting complacent or he may just be exhausted from keeping two women happy. He may work late more often, come home with different clothing than he left with, and take business trips to exotic places.

He may also start showing interest in things that he never gave a second glance before. If he hated the art museum but has started going, or hates the cold but sits through hockey games, you have to ask why.

Established Relationships

Once he has an established relationship outside his marriage, he may let a little of his guard down. He may have a second cell phone, one he reserves for his paramour, and accidentally leave it somewhere. He may take calls at all hours, and conduct the conversation out of your earshot. After some of these calls he may leave abruptly, giving you an excuse like, "My buddy's car broke down," or "My aunt is sick." There are ways to check on such things.

Soon he may start fights for no reason, making it all seem like your fault, then using the argument as an excuse to leave the house. Of course, he will join his lover as soon as he can. He may also stop confiding in you, trusting her instead with his deepest desires and fears.

If you have seen some of these signs of a cheating husband, you may want to talk to him and get it out in the open. If he proves that he has not been cheating, be ready to accept that and move on with your lives together. However, if he has, face that you may have to move on with your life. In either event, best of luck to you.

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