Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cheating Husband Stories: How Internet Turns Husbands To Liars

A very interesting article by infidelity expert Mark de Smit. Mark obviously leaves out the real peoples identities. A very sad story, but some interesting things to be wary of concerning cheating husbands.

The Slipping Lives Of Peter And Stella
Peter and Stella (not their real names) have been married for ten years. Peter is a crane operator while Stella spends her time looking after their two lovely daughters. Their family life has been good until a few months ago when Stella suspected Peter of having extra-marital affair.
It all started when Peter suddenly became too interested with computers. At first Stella thought that like all his friends, Peter was just fascinated with online action role playing games. In fact two months ago, he took a chunk of money from their savings to buy his very own computer and have it connected to the Internet.

Initially, Stella thought that the computer was to be used by everyone in the family. But to her surprise, Peter put in secret access passwords. Therefore Stella and the children had no way of using the computer. Stella also noted that Peter became so engrossed about his privacy and spent more time in front of his computer--especially during late nights-- than with his family.
One Saturday morning, as Peter was asleep on the sofa, Stella gathered her courage and took a peep at the computer, which Peter forgot to turn off the night before. In it she saw a chat link full of words of endearment between two user names. Stella would not have been suspicious had she not seen the same secret affectionate name Peter had called her during their courtship days.
The Bitter End For Danny And Lucy
Danny and Lucy bought a computer three years ago. They had it connected to the Internet because they need it for their small time online store. While the business they had was flourishing, they were able to afford another computer, this time a laptop for Danny's use.
One day, a mysterious e-mail addressed to Danny bounced to the common e-mail address they used for marketing their online shop. It contained a picture of a young woman wearing nothing but her lingerie. At first, Lucy dismissed it as some wicked marketing stunt by the numerous pornographic sites in the Internet.

But in the few days that followed, Lucy's suspicion was aroused by their missing telephone bill. She was puzzled to find it in the garbage bin already paid. Lucy took a quick scan of the crumpled telephone bill and found out four international calls to a number she does not recognize.

She copied the telephone numbers on her notepad and dialed using the telephone in the kitchen. After a brief moment, a voice on the other end of the line, clearly European accent, said "Hello, lover boy!" Lucy quickly hanged up and suddenly all darkness surrounded her sight. Lucy fainted and hit her head on the sharp corner of the hard wooden breakfast counter.

Lucy was in a coma for two days; after which, she died. Danny knew that the true cause of her death was not her banging on the counter top but rather his cheating on Lucy.
With the advent of Internet communication tools, men's cheating capabilities have increased. The Internet has become a device that both tempts and fulfills the lustful fantasies of men that could lead to full time extra marital affairs.

Knowledge before hand is the only way women can protect themselves and their families from cheating husbands. Reliable spy software, like PC Pandora, can enable wives to monitor their husbands--when they are online or even offline.

How to Catch a Cheating Wife? Confirm Your Suspicions
About the Author
Peter and Stella (not their real names) have been married for ten years. Peter is a crane operator while Stella spends her time looking after their two lovely daughters. Their family life has been good until a few months ago when Stella suspected Peter of having extra-marital affair.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Infidelity, the grass is always greener, isn’t it?

An interesting infidelity article from expert, Michael Thomas.

Why did I do it? You weren’t there for me, because I don’t know you anymore, you’re different and you’re definitely not the person I married. It’s your fault, what did you expect.

Sound familiar?

Obviously there are thousands of other excuses, but the above excuses are from a cheating spouse who no longer feels loved or needed.

The honey moon period isn’t just a few weeks on holiday, it lasts differing lengths of time depending on the couples involved.

I know couples that have married, gone on their honeymoon, come back and that’s it! An affair then the dreaded break up. Indeed I know couples who had affairs and finished on their honeymoon.

I also know couples where the honeymoon period has lasted 20+ years, then bang! An affair and It’s all over.

Most husbands and wives who cheat on their spouse fully expect that they can carry on with their marriage and their affair(s) with little disruption.

Most cheating spouses want both and if caught cheating do not expect their marriage to end. Other unhappy cheating spouses get into an affair with the sole purpose of ending the marriage, they simply choose not to do the sensible thing and talk with their wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend.

Sometimes, the grass seems greener, but more often than not affairs are doomed to failure.

An affair doesn’t have to mean the END!

Couples that actually try to work things out after an affair have tremendous success, if you have children you MUST try, don’t give up. If problems are worked out correctly the relationship can grow into something very special. Sometimes you just need to try.

As to the answer to the title of this article, the grass is very rarely greener on the other side!

Michael Thomas is an expert in cheating spouses, surviving infidelity and saving marriages.
For excellent articles and resources, http://surviving--infidelity.blogspot.com/

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Husband Caught Cheating By Tissue Box

A great story by Ralph King, who is a spy expert.

This is a great story of how a wife caught her cheating husband easily with a hidden camera kit concealed in a normal tissue box.

She had suspected her husband of cheating for a long time, she recognized the little clues much like anyone else would, she though he was seeing her while he was supposed to be at work and had reason to believe they went out together in his car, that's the family car.

So one day while her husband and herself where out in his car she pretended she needed a tissue, cursing that she didn't have any herself and to the fact that there were not any in the car. She then told him he needed to put a box of them in his car, just for this type of emergency. The next day she told him she had bought him a box while out shopping and she went out and put it on the parcel shelf above the back seats with the undetectable camera facing the front, and hid the recorder in the box as well.

The next day before her husband left for work she turned on the camera and recorder.
When the husband picked up his girlfriend he had no idea all his antics were being recorded.
Her husband returned home that evening completely unaware that his wife had recorded his every move.

When she finally accused him of having an affair, which incredibly, he actually denied having, she then confronted him with the video evidence she had recorded. That is when the denials finally stopped...

He had been Caught Red Handed by a Tissue Box....

If you need help planning a way to get the evidence you need, get free advice and the best spy equipment from the experts at The Spy Shop.

About the Author
Ralph King is one of the Spy Experts at The Spy Shop which can be found at http://www.thespyshop.ws With over 17 years experience he will be able to help you with "your Mission"

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sign of A Cheating Husband

A great article on Cheating Spouse signs, some great things to look out for. Really good advice, from expert, Thomas Martin.

Cheating Spouse Signs

Cheating Spouse Signs By Thomas Martin

In talking to thousands of people embroiled with a cheating spouse or infidelity over the past two plus decades, I've noticed a difference. In our society the word cheating carries different meaning than infidelity.

This is important for someone discerning the signs of a cheating spouse or the signs of infidelity. A person who "cheats" is different from someone who is involved in "infidelity."

Cheating is most closely described in my e-book as someone who "Doesn't Want to Say No." This is only one of 7 kinds of affairs. The other six kinds of affairs lean more in the direction of infidelity.

The true cheater is a rather rare bird, but is probably most glamorized and comes closest to our stereotype of cheating or infidelity.

Infidelity, in general, is marked by confusion, pain, doubt, ambivalence and a period of craziness in a person's life.

Cheating is an ongoing lifestyle.

Here are some signs of a cheating spouse: (substitute the word she for he, if you like.)
1. There most likely will be more than one other person. He sees affairs as conquests, usually sexual, and not as a place to find intimacy. Actually he lacks many of the tools and the mind set to have intimate relationships. He most likely will move from one conquest to another. His gratification on a basic level remains primary.

2. He will have little internal conflict about the affair. This differs markedly from the person who can't say no. Your spouse will view the affair or affairs as entitlement. He deserves them. He deserves to be adored. He deserves to have excitement and personal gratification in his life. He has earned it. There is nothing wrong with this. Actually others, perhaps you included, ought to understand this!

3. He will operate in a world that supports his illusion and behaviour. He will surround himself with those who look the other way or actually encourage his philandering behaviour. You will probably not find yourself welcomed in this world. He and his colleagues and friends collude to maintain their world.

4. You might run into a problem with the other person or persons. Remember the movie, Fatal Attraction? The other person might attach herself to him with specific expectations to be cared for and perhaps married - perhaps part of his strategy in his conquest efforts. When she is "dumped" or the expectations fail to materialize she may pursue revenge. You might be involved.

5. You may not experience a great deal of conflict with him. There is no talk of divorce. Your life might be quite copasetic - unless you rock the boat. He has his playtime and you fill another specific role of quiet support. Keep the balance and life moves along fairly seamlessly.

6. There is one problem, however. The problem of aging. Depending on his social context, you might become a liability as you increasingly fail to project a young attractive vibrant image. He wants those around him to reflect back beauty and perfection. If you fail in this regard you may be cast aside. Part of this depends on the financial cost of such "trade-in."

7. His fragile, illusionary world and yours may crumble if he encounters failure. Failure is his "Achilles heel." Unfortunately, the distortion and illusion he lives under do not always coincide with reality. He pushes and bends the rules to his advantage. He may not pay close attention to the consequences of his behaviour. Those consequences - legal, financial or health - may bite him at some point. He most likely will count on you to be there for him, to cry on your shoulder (perhaps literally) and help him regain his confidence.

If you want to know how to catch a cheating spouse, visit Thomas martin's, http://baller39.cheatsp.hop.clickbank.net/