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sign of a cheating husband

5 Signs Your Husband Is Cheating article by sign of a cheating husband expert, Pauline Stradlen

It is a devastating moment for any woman when she realises that her husband is cheating on her. This will be an unexpected and bitter shock for most women. When you first get married you believe that all marriages are built on a foundation of honesty, it can be unbearable to even think that your partner is cheating on you with another woman.

Depending on the type of husband you have married there can be many signs that he is cheating on you. Some of these are subtle and some of them are more obvious. If you suspect that your husband is being unfaithful on you with another woman it is important that you recognize the many signs of adultery and take the measures you feel are necessary.

Below I have listed five signs that you should look out for, it is important to you to remember they should take note of any change in your husband's behaviour, which may mean that he is cheating on you.

As your husband stopped wearing his wedding ring? This is a common sign that he is cheating. When questioned he may reply that he has simply forgot to put on or has misplaced it. If your husband has always worn his wedding ring, there is more than likely something else going on.

One sign that should be obvious for any woman is a major change in your husband's works schedule. If he is always worked a normal nine to five job, and he has recently needed to work late on a regular basis, this is not a good sign. He may also be attending conferences out of town more often than usual. Make sure you keep a close eye on his phone records particularly if he has a work mobile and make note of any unusual numbers.

Another clue that your husband may be having an affair is if he is hiding his credit card or cheque account details. Most married couples have joint bank accounts, if you won that your husband has recently applied for a new credit card in his own name you should be suspicious. You can also be wary if he suddenly has started keeping secrets about his financial situation.

Sign number four is slightly harder to recognize and has often gone unnoticed. How often does your husband normally clean his car? Has he started cleaning it more regularly? if your husband is having an affair is highly likely that he will take his mistress out in his own car. He is more likely to clean it is rigorously to ensure there is no hint of his infidelity left behind, such as lipstick or make up.

The fifth sign and often the most telling one is if your husband has become less talkative than normal, and often seems lost in his own thoughts. There is always a strong sense of guilt associated with infidelity. Even if you ask them what he's thinking about, he will probably tell you it's nothing important.

It is very difficult to come to terms with the fact that your husband is cheating on you. However, no matter how difficult it may be it is very important that you gather enough evidence to confirm any suspicions you may have. When you have sufficient information to prove his guilt you'll be able to decide on what steps to take next.

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sign of a cheating husband

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