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Stop the Infidelity - How to Tell if your Husband is Cheating

A really good sign of a cheating husband article, titled ~ Stop the Infidelity - How to Tell if your Husband is Cheating by Austin Odeon

Some women may be wondering if they have a faithful husband, but do not really know how to find out if he is cheating or not. Usually, the loving, attentive husband that is true to his wife will leave you with no doubts. However, if you have this little nagging fear in the back of your mind that your man is out with another woman, there are things you can look for that will help you confirm or dispel your thoughts. Below, you will find the things to look for to answer the burning question: "How to tell if my husband cheating?".

Decreasing or Non-Existent Sex Life

If your husband's usually high sex drive seems to have taken a nose dive, it's possible someone else has taken your place in bed. The same is true if he begins to be less affectionate than he once was. This may mean he's just going through a phase, or someone else is getting his attention.

Picks Fights or Always Seems Defensive

Frequent arguments are a classic sign of a cheating husband, especially if he seems to be the one always starting them. The arguments are typically over little things that wouldn't have bothered him in the past. This is seen as a defense mechanism to make his unfaithfulness not seem so bad. He is likely to feel less guilty about his actions if he believes you to blame for his affair.

Unusual Computer Activity

If your husband is cheating, he may begin to stay on the computer much longer than usual. When you enter the room, he may immediately close a chat box or email account so you cannot see what's going on. Cheating husbands will also delete the history and clear the computer's cache as soon as they finish using it to avoid leaving a trail of their unfaithful behavior.

Unexplained Purchases on the Credit Card

This may be a hard one to find out if you don't control the finances in the house, but if you do, check to see if there have been hotel rooms, flowers, or any other large purchases made on any of his credit cards. Affairs usually require hotel rooms and restaurants, so if you see any such charges, it is very likely he's up to no good. This is often a vital way on how to tell if your husband is cheating.

The above are just four of the common warning signs you can look for if you believe your husband is cheating on you. Of course, there are a lot more unusual behaviors and actions unfaithful men perform, so just keep your eye out for suspicious activity. Learning how to tell if your husband is cheating is a must to uncovering the truth.
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Sign Of A Cheating Husband


tiredofmarriage said...

my husband is a loser. he is more interested in reading than me. i have tried to be sexual with him over the last few years but he shows no interest. what am i suppose to do? i call him a pudlick cause he is worthless. i just want out of this marriage.
desperate to get out of my marriage

tiredofmarriage said...

i received the private email and appreciate your response. i am so ready to get rid of this loser but he just drags it on. i really hate him but have to play it cool so i can get as much out of him as possible. i had opportunity to marry other people but made the huge mistake of picking this guy. no more marriage for me, just want to get rid of this pud. i did not see your email posted on your private response. can you email me. you sound nice and i would like to email you in private.

tiredofmarriage said...

i dont know if he has cheated but would not be surprised cause he knows some things about me and could care a less. i thought he would have a breakdown if he found out about some of the things i did but either he has had an affair or is just acting like he always discussion and keeps to himself. to be honest, not much of a man and that is one of the things i hate about him, he is not thoughtful and does not act normal. his responses to things is just ignore them and read....and keep secret. email me again and i will email back with more information about what a wimp he is.
i would like to talk to private...i will give you my phone number.

tiredofmarriage said...

hi shelia!!nice to hear from you!!

tiredofmarriage said...

this is not my normal computer cause i think mine may be watched.
i will talk to you later...
can we meet again soon?