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Sign Of A Cheating Husband

Sign Of A Cheating Husband

A really good article showing you how to know the sign of a cheating husband, hope it helps in some way.

How can you tell a sign of a cheating husband? In my experience it hasn't been that the women didn't know a sign of a cheating husband, it has been that they ignored them to keep the peace. Looking the other way. A Cheating husband leaves many signs and it is easy to catch him when you know what to look for and especially how to go about it.

With the women that I have helped catch their cheating husbands, it started with seeing the signs and then doing something about it. Let's look at some of those each sign and you check off the ones that apply to you:

1. The cheating husband and his cell phone. Is the cell phone on silent mode when he is home? One sign is that it is on vibrate and does not ring. Do you ever see him glance down at it then put it away without every saying a word. Does he go to the bathroom for long periods of time and talk on the phone. Watch the cell phone.

2. Working late. Now this will be a pattern that just jumps up out of nowhere. All of the sudden the cheating husband has to work late and if you notice the paychecks- the overtime doesn't show up. This is a big sign of a cheating husband. Does he have emergency calls out late at night and leave for hours at a time. This is definitely one sign of infidelity.

3. Communication. Is the talking less than it normally is? Does he keep the distant look in his eyes? When he is with you- somehow you notice that he's off in another world. He may start fights over the smallest of things just so he can leave. He just doesn't want to talk about it. This is another sign of a cheating husband. When a husband is cheating the talking comes to a halt. Unless you question him. Then he will talk for days trying to get out of the sticky situation.

4. Grooming habits change for the better. Now out of second field he actually cares what he looks like. He buys new clothes and joins the gym. The treadmill comes out of the basement and he is sweating hard for somebody- Just make sure it's for you.

5. The cheating husband in the bedroom. Now other experts will tell you that the intimacy in the bedroom will dry up. But I have found this to not always be the case. In some situations, we have found that he more intimate and comes up with some new moves to try... Yes, there is a point where he falls in love with the lover and then the intimacy dries up because in his warp way of thinking- He feels guilty.

6. Last, is a sign of a cheating husband will come forth in his computer habits. Does he stay on the computer working way late into the night? Does he use email accounts that you don't know the password to? You can place a keylogger software on his computer and he will never know a thing about it being there. The software I have even shows screenshots of everything he looks at on the internet. Several women caught their husband after just one night. Very powerful strategy.

Now there are obvious other signs of a cheating husband. You know the lipstick on the collar and the hotel receipt laying on the dresser but these are far and few between. If you were paying attention to these signs, the truth is that several of these signs of a cheater could be going on and he wasn't cheating. The signs in and of themselves are not the answer. You must get solid evidence then confront him.

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Former Detective and Crime Scene Investigator, Trey is helping women find out the truth about whether their husbands are cheating. If you need to find out or just need to collect solid evidence, then visit his site for free tips at

Sign Of A Cheating Husband

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